5 Reasons Why to Go to Montreal This Year

At least once in your life, you need to recharge your soul. One best thing to do it is to travel in Montreal- a French-speaking city situated in the Southwest of Quebec, Canada. You’ll be surprised at how stunning the sights it offers. So be sure you have filed your Canada ETA application and get ready to explore the cultural capital of Canada!

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Cultural Capital of Canada

Knowing Montreal’s culture makes you feel the deep involvement in the city. ETA Canada makes it easier for the Canadian government to pre-screen the Montreal travelers and let them vibe its historic ambiance. Montreal showcase the past, present, and future culture. The city’s diverse atmosphere is very apparent as the people of Montreal live the different lifestyles. It is not even a problem because they respect their artists’ works whether a traditional work of art or a graffiti in the streets.

Some of the must-visit historical places in Montreal are Redpath Museum, Notre Dame Basilica, Pointe-A-Calliere, St. Joseph’s Oratory, Old Port, and Mount Royal Cemetery. When you learn about history, you also learn about the people, their culture and the incredible city itself.

Home of Largest Festivals

Various festivals and events are open to the public for everyone to enjoy. These celebrations are fitting all seasons and cater to music, visual arts, theatrical acts, comedy, cinema, and even fireworks. They celebrate incredibly huge festivals that no other city or country can claim. Some of the must-attend festivals this year are the Montreal en Lumiere, Francos de Montreal, Just For Laughs, Igloofest, Piknik Electronik, OSM Classical Spree, Art Souterrain and many more. It is also worth your Canada E-Visa to attend the three largest annual festivals of Montreal:

  • Festival International De Jazz De Montreal. It ranked in the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest jazz festival. Every year, there is a large number of visitors, musicians from over different countries, accredited journalists, and employees. There is also an overflowing liter of beer and kilo of french fries. For the passion for music; its 40th edition will take place from June 27 to July 6, 2019.
  • Montreal International Fireworks Competition. This festival features the latest techniques and innovations in pyrotechnic arts from different significant companies around the world. For more than 30 years, this fireworks competition has been in the top list of summer festivals of Montreal. It will hold from June 29 to July 27th of 2019.
  • Les FrancoFolies De Montreal. If you love French music and artists, then this event is for you! It takes place in the center of Montreal every year with over a thousand artists from different countries around the world. This five-day festival is in the run for over 30 years. Its schedule is from June 14 to June 22, 2019.

Bustling Nightlife

Prepare your Canadian Visa UK by completing the ETA requirements so you can enjoy this active nightlife of Montreal which entices more tourists to visit the city. People in Montreal loves to party. And, if so are you, the long list of disco and wine bars are waiting. A wide selection of beers, food and either party or relaxing music got you covered.

The lively streets will not fail your desire in trying nightlife. You can sing-along in a bar, laugh with the gag of witty comedians, hear fantastic low-key music or dance the night away at discos. Montreal is also a great destination party for bachelors and bachelorette.

Somehow like a city that never sleeps. Montreal is a place full of energy and enthusiasm you can’t bear to ignore. It is also the reason why many tourists return to the city every year for a magical experience.

A Must-visit in All Season

Surely, you will not get bored with Montreal. This city shines in every season whether in winter, spring summer or fall. You’ll be comfortable getting around the city by using taking metro-subways or merely ride a bike. You can find in Montreal the famous underground city which is a network of walkways that connects the metro-subways to different establishments. No rain or winter snow can stop you from wandering in Montreal. Or if you love excursion, surfing or boating, you may visit St. Lawrence River.

No wonder, Montreal is a fantastic destination for every tourist.

Best Place to Explore

Loads of budget-friendly shopping centers, movie houses, and theaters, restaurants, and bars are located in many streets of Montreal for you to try and explore. You can surely discover a lot in every corner so take time to wander every inch of the city. Head on to https://canada-eta.co.uk/ and explore more with Canada ETA.