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Style Me Pretty Wedding Submissions – How to Get Started

Have you ever thought of getting featured on a top wedding blog like style me pretty? For brides who are very stylish in nature it surely a once in a lifetime opportunity to be featured on a top wedding blog like style me pretty. Securing a spot on style me pretty is kinda tough but if you know the secrets of getting your wedding featured in this blog then you have nothing to worry. This article will give you an opportunity to know what those secrets are and how to get an upper hand to other people wanting to get featured in this blog.

Steps in Getting Your Wedding Featured on Style Me Pretty

1. Send Colored and High – Resolution Photos

Black and White wedding photography is really a good and unique idea but if your goal is to get featured on a certain blog then might as well use colored pictures.

Without a doubt online visitors of a particular blog are up for all the details of the wedding.

Take note that if a photo is black-and-white then you wouldn’t be able to tell the color and the motif of the bridesmaids dresses as well as the shades of the flowers used in the bouquet. At some point the people behind of style me pretty blog make use of black and white photos. So if you feel like using black and white photos then you may do so but you have to attach the colored photos as well.

2. Images Must Tell a Story

Wedding images should depict the story of how your wedding became an event of a lifetime.

The shots must clearly depict what the audience felt as you tie the knot. Readers of wedding blog want a full disclosure of the entire wedding from the getting ready phase of the wedding to the astonishing after party.

It is inevitable for people to get nosy as to what makes your wedding entirely different from the others and so it is a good idea to include photos of the wedding gown and the bridesmaid’s dresses, decorations, and other unique details of your wedding.

3. Make use of a Good Wedding Description

The more details you can give then so much the better.

You can start of with how you envision your wedding. Explain why you use a certain motif for the wedding as well as the style. Don’t forget the things that makes your wedding unique and different from other weddings.

Just try putting yourself in the shoes of the readers, what would you want to read on a particular wedding blog?

The bride might be a stranger to the readers but they certainly want to know the juicy details of the wedding like why they choose a certain cake, the dress or the flowers. Yes, you can ask help from wedding planners but it would be best if the details come from the couple.