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Important Considerations When Choosing Serviced Offices

Typically, renting office in London can be expensive. When you let a typical office and agree to a 3 or 5-year lease, it may also be expensive and difficult to terminate it. However, serviced offices in London are option investors find very convenient when trying to avoid long-term financial commitments.

Here are some issues to think about when searching for serviced office spaces in London:

The Need for Maintenance
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You need not spend a cent maintaining your office premises. It may cost as much as ?14 per metre to maintain your office in London, so you need to consider that carefully before agreeing to any lease terms. The good thing here is that serviced offices monthly rental fees include maintenance costs, ensuring that you can figure out beforehand if your financial condition allows it. There will be savings in finances and time when your provider is involved in paying cleaners and technicians to address the maintenance of your office space.
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Excellent Quality Equipment

Office equipment can be very costly to acquire. Yet, serviced offices are usually equipped with the technology that your business requires to hit the ground running. You should find out the type of equipment that your serviced office provider has supplied for your company. Does your office require internet connections, VoIP office telephones, copiers, printers, or fax machines?

How Flexible is the Lease Agreement?

It is extremely desirable that serviced offices support flexibility of lease agreements. For instance, it’s possible to rent the space for just one, two, or even 12 months, and leave without suffering costs you never expected. When you’re not sure about the viability of your business in a city like London, you need a lease agreement that lets you adjust swiftly or just relocate with ease.


Always select serviced offices when you want to avoid any downtime. But you can you can avoid downtime only if the office has everything you need to start operating. This can be a problem when you want the office configured in a specific way that matches the unique nature of your company activities. Fortunately, you can always inquire with your to-be serviced office provider in London concerning how quickly they may customize the office to minimize downtime.

Access to Trained Staff

Your stress as fresh market entrant will be appreciably checked when you’re offered skilled personnel as part of your serviced office lease package. The personnel are not your employees, so you won’t be paying them every month or have to worry about what transpires in case you’re forced to relocate.

In case you prefer to rent office space in London, opting for serviced spaces is a very economical approach.