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Parameters to Guide your Graphic Designer Selection

Graphics and marketing have gotten to the point of synonymity. Rather, graphics form a big part of marketing whether above or below the line. The first impression will always be lasting so there is a need to capture your potential customers’ attention from the onset with quality marketing materials. Professionalism should be seen in your business cards, brochures and website. Now, unless your business is a design studio, then you know you need an expert who can create the perfect image to encompass your brand and values. Therefore, do you know how to pick a graphic designer? Today, there is a remarkable supply of graphic designers which presents a unique problem. Often you will be so spoilt for choice that you fail to assess all the players in the industry keenly. This article will help the untrained design eye pick out a legit graphic designer.

First, start with self-assessment. Basically, you need to outline the entire project to get a feel of what you need generally. Figure out the needs that need to be addressed based on circumstance. Are you a startup with no idea where to start or a growing business that needs to reorganize its graphical work? Ensure that you invest time in finding out what kind of goals you want to achieve. At this time too, consider the budget and time spent as well.

Secondly, get to see the graphic designer’s work samples. These are the guiding light to what they have achieved before and how this plays into what you want now. People make the common error of looking only at the pictures on offer in the portfolio. As much as visuals are essential, the portfolio should express primarily the designer’s approach to particular unique challenges they faced. Assess the color, typography, line width, texture, shapes and their synchronization and space between content. All you are simply looking at is communication skills.

It is also shrewd to work with a graphic design agency with professional affiliations. These bodies normally ensure that the graphic designers stick to the set code in their work. An example are the legal consequences of type-facing another brand . The oversight body makes sure scenarios like this don’t occur.

Lastly, address the issue of the contract and flexibility in operation. With flexibility, let the graphic designer be adept with producing content across various media and platforms, from printed stuff to websites. In contractual matters, expect the graphic design firms to approach the issue differently. Ownerships rights may be fully retained by the graphic design agency with no chance of reproduction while in other cases, they won’t mind at all. So ensure you iron out all legal issues before work kicks off.

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